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Our second book,"Grandma Cooks" is finally done and available. If you always wanted to know the ingredients for haggis or what to serve your 'first footer' on New Years Day or how to make those delicious Scotch Eggs then you need this book.Includes Skirlies, Black Bun, Cock a Leekie soup, Scottish Pasties,Crannachan and many more of Grandma Burnetts traditional Scottish recipes. We even included some Household and Gardening tips like the ones enjoyed in the first Grandma book"Grandma Said".

Beautifully designed by Creative Impressions of Mountain View, AR it is the perfect gift for your favorite Scot or a treat for yourself.

Only 5.00 plus 1.00 shipping

"Grandma Said" is our first book.If you want to know how to get rid of warts or make soap or discourage mosquitos than you need this book. Included are some of her favorite household and medicinal recipes . These recipes are from the journals that she started in Scotland and continued writing here in the United States.
"Grandma Said" is designed for the Scottish pocketbook. Only $3.00 and $1.00 shipping. Enjoy!

Grandmother Burnett "When Grandma brought her soap pot from Scotland in 1905, she had no idea she was founding a family business. Although she was only twelve, she managed to help support herself and six brothers by making soap and baskets. 
"Wherever we go to demonstrate our craft, we are privileged to hear many family stories about making soap. The past has a legacy for all of us, and we hope to continue making Grandma's soap in her pot for at least five more generations..." 
Using a 200 year old Burnett family recipe and a fifth generation iron soap pot, Deborraha Burnett makes Scottish Lye Soap at the No Sweat Soap Factory in Mountain View, Arkansas. The Factory may be found at the finest Living History events and juried craft fairs.  
Third Generation Deb Burnett

No Sweat Scottish Lye Soap is made one batch at a time. Cooked slowly over an open fire, it is ladled into wood tray forms and set up to dry. Grandma said you're never allowed to measure soap when you cut it. So we don't.

We suggest you unwrap the soap when you receive it so each bar can continue to dry and cure. Our Soap Tips page has more information about taking care of and using your soap.

Gentle Enough for a Baby... Many people have an immediate negative reaction to the thought of using Lye Soap. What we find on the market today labeled as "soap" is in most cases a detergent that has been created from petroleum based products.

What most people do not realize is that soap is the result of a chemical process called "saponification." When the tallow used in Scottish Lye Soap is mixed with sodium hydroxide (lye), it splits into fatty acids and glycerin. The fatty acid combines with the sodium, and the result is a gentle cleansing substance -- true soap, as it was made generations ago.

You Can Use Our Soap Head-to-Toe! Our Scottish Lye Soap is made with the best triple-refined tallow available. Scottish Lye Soap makes a all natural addition to your bath area, and a perfect gift for those who appreciate quality and purity. The bars make great stocking stuffers, too!

Click on the links at the left to learn more about Scottish Lye Soap and its many uses...

Just started a fan page for No Sweat Soap on Facebook. This is a good place to share stories about your families way to make soap.

Spanker Creek spring craft show
May 06 - May 08, 2016
Spanker Creek Arts and Crafts Festival
October 12 - October 16, 2016
Wewoka OK sorghum Festival
October 22 - October 23, 2016
Beaver Bend State Park, Broken Bow, OK
November 18 - November 20, 2016
Fort Christmas State Park
December 03 - December 04, 2016
Spirit of the Buffalo Pow Wow,Auburndale FL
January 06 - January 15, 2017
Battle of brooksville raid Brooksville FL
January 21 - January 22, 2017
Zolfo Springs Pioneer Park Days
March 02 - March 05, 2017
Fort Washita, OK
March 27 - April 02, 2017
Madison county Nebraska County Fair
July 11 - July 16, 2017
Saratoga County Fair
July 18 - July 23, 2017
Schoharie NY
July 29 - August 05, 2017
Erie County Fair Hamburg NY
August 09 - August 21, 2017
Chesterfield County
August 25 - September 02, 2017
OK State Fair
September 14 - September 24, 2017
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